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33-35 High St
Long Buckby
01327 842549

About us

Located in the heart of Long Buckby village, Octagon Cats Hotel is a Daventry County Council licensed boarding cattery.

Built and operated according to the standards advised by the Feline Advisory Bureau (FAB) , Octagon Cats Hotel offers the highest quality accommodation to ensure that your cat is secure and comfortable.

With just ten carefully-appointed chalets, we can provide the individual attention necessary to keep your cats contented.

Cleanliness and hygiene are of the highest priority. Meticulous standards as prescribed by the FAB are followed, ensuring that your cat’s health and well-being are protected. In the unlikly event of your cat becoming unwell, 24hr veterinary attention is available.

Individual dietary requirements can be catered for, and only the highest quality foods are prepared and served. Any medication prescribed by your vet can also be administered.

Everything is provided for a comfortable stay, so please view the rest of this site to see pictures and more details, or contact us if you have any questions.

Accomodation available

8 Standard Chalets for up to 2 cats and 2 Family Chalets for up to 4 cats

Each chalet offers spacious infra-red heated sleeping accommodation, with a sheltered exercise area. There are large indoor and outdoor shelves, plastic chairs all of which have towels or pads provided.

Beds and or bedding can also be provided, but we encourage owners to bring at least one item
( unlaundered ) that will have a smell of home.

Grooming brushes and combs are available if you do not bring your own, grooming is part of the daily routine for any cat that enjoys a brush.

Scratching carpets ( new, as they are thrown away after each cat goes home, supplied free from Whilton Locks Carpets ) on platforms are very popular, so please take the carpet home if you wish.

All the chalets have views of the wildlife garden with pond and bird-feeding area. Babs and Ginger the chickens will also wander around the garden occasionly, so there is plenty to keep the guests amused. Plus you can bring any toys that they really enjoy playing with.

Please note that only cats from the same household may be placed together.

Opening times

Mon,Tue,Thu,Fri 10.00 am till 3.00 pm &
6.00 pm till 7.00 pm
Wed 10.00 am till 1.00 pm ( half day closing )
Sat 11.00 am till 12.00 noon &
16.00 - 18.00
Sunday 11.00 am till 1.00 pm
Bank Holidays Closed

Telephone calls are also taken during these times. Reception and collection are by appointment during business hours, this is to ensure that we are able to give each guest our full attention, if you are unable to arrive on time, please call to inform.

We encourage you to visit the cattery prior to booking. Should you wish to view the facilities or discuss your cat’s requirements, please telephone to arrange a convenient appointment.

Terms and conditions. Only cats having a current vaccination certificate against Feline Infectious Enteritis and upper respiratory infections (cat flu) can be accepted for boarding. An up to date inoculation certificate must be shown on arrival.
We request that cats are also treated prior to arrival to ensure that they are free of fleas and worms. Any cat found to be suffering from fleas or worms will be treated as required during its stay at the owner’s expense.
No cat suffering from, or suspected to be suffering from, any infectious or contagious disease can be accepted for boarding. All cats will be examined on arrival, but the Proprietor reserves the right to refuse admission to any cat showing signs of ill-health pending advice from a Veterinary Surgeon. Veterinary attendance is assured and any treatment considered advisable will be carried out at the cat owner’s expense. All treatment prescribed prior to boarding can be continued during the cat’s stay. Any pre-existing condition which may require further treatment by a Veterinary Surgeon will be at the cat owner’s expense.
Male cats over the age of seven months which have not been neutered will not be accepted for boarding as they could present an infection hazard and/or distress other boarding cats.